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Q&A with the Knights by Casey Grogan.

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DJ Johnson - First Baseman - # 20

Mt Hood CC

Casey Grogan: What has your experience been like with the Knights thus far?
DJ Johnson: "It's been fun. We've picked up a few guys late and it's nice to be past the getting to know each other state. There are a bunch of guys coming out having fun, that's what summer is all about.

CG: What is the most memorable ballpark that you have played in? Why?
DJ: "Cooperstown Dreams Park. It was my first experience being in an atmosphere of only coaches and only players. They had a village where the coaches and players stay with no parents. Fourteen ballparks out in Cooperstown, N.Y., it's a blast."

CG: What is your favorite professional sports team? And who is your favorite professional athlete?
DJ: "Professional sports team, got to be the Yankees, got to be. Athlete, I'd have to go with Josh Hamilton."

CG: What is your favorite thing about Gresham?
DJ: "Probably playing baseball for Mt. Hood."

CG: What has been the most memorable moment of your baseball career?
DJ: "Last summer when we won the [WCL] championship and got to dog pile."

CG: Who is your greatest influence in baseball?
DJ: "My dad, for sure. At first baseball was just a thing to do; he was the one that got me going to all the camps, with pitching and hitting coaches. He's the one who helped me so much to get to where I am now."