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Q&A with the Knights by Casey Grogan.

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Dylan Jones - Utility - # 18

Mt Hood CC

Casey Grogan: What has your experience been like with the Knights thus far?
Dylan Jones: "It's been a lot of fun to come in and meet all these guys, getting a chance to play with them. It's fun to play for a winning team."

CG: What is the most memorable ballpark that you have played in? Why?
DJ: "Probably here (Goss Stadium), it's probably the nicest stadiums and facilities I've played at."

CG: What is your favorite professional sports team? And who is your favorite professional athlete?
DJ: "I grew up liking the Mariners and Ken Griffey Jr. It was nice to see him come back this year."

CG: What is your favorite thing about Gresham?
DJ: "The baseball thing and family atmosphere we had there. We were a tight knit group and got along really well."

CG: What has been the most memorable moment of your baseball career?
DJ: "There is an Oregon-Washington All-Star game. It's a two game series and I hit three home runs in that, two off (Oregon State and former Knights pitcher) Greg Peavey."

CG: Who is your greatest influence in baseball?
DJ: "My grandpa. He was a big sports guy and kind of taught me how to do things the right way. He had respect for everybody, he passed away two years ago, but he's been the greatest influence."